Information Technology Control: Misconceptions Vs Reality.

Information Technology controls

Information Technology Controls are specific safeguards put in place in a technology-driven environment to ensure that risks are reasonably stemmed, and business objectives are achieved.

 Technology controls are a big deal in our technology-driven world of today, owing to the fact that almost all our activities, both at the personal and organizational level have a thing or two to do with technology. So, effective systems of control must be implemented to ensure that our set out objectives can be achieved. 

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In this post, I am going to point out some seven common misconceptions about Information Technology controls, being a functional unit in an organization and I will also touch base on the reality of things.

Misconception Reality
1. Information Technology control comes as a result of policies and rules within a company. Without policy there is no Information ControlInformation Technology control is based on a strong control environment and standard business practices. Information Control is often time supported by policies and not the other way round.
2.              IT control is all about accounting and finance of the business.IT control is essential in all facets of the business, so far, it’s Technology-driven.
3.              IT control is a set of “do not do this “rules.IT control is a positive guide map to getting things done right.
4.              IT control ensures all business objectives are met.IT control gives reasonable assurance not a 100% declaration that all business objectives will be met.
5.              IT control is strenuous, and it takes away value from the major activities of the businessWhen IT control is efficiently built in the business process, it blends efficiently with all business activities whether major or minor.
6.              IT control can detect all fraud and other malpractices in the business.Absolute assurance is not assured by IT control, but it helps to prevent it.
7.              The higher your rank is in the company, the lower your subjection to IT controlNo one should be above the IT control law. Every individual is subject to IT control.

I believe you will agree with me that the importance of technology controls can’t be overemphasized, as it seeks to checkmate technology-related risks that might prevent the achievement of set out objectives. 

Know of any misconception? I’d be glad to discuss it in the comment section.

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