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In the previous article on Network Security Fundamentals, I explained network security and its foundations. 

Why is network security important?

Most companies in recent times heavily rely on computers to share information and keep information safe. Especially in a large scale company with a large number of staff each expected to have a personal workstation, if such a large amount of interconnection is plugged into one network server or cloud, an attack in such server will lead to loss of important information which is why Network Security is important to mitigate and curtail such occurrences.

What resources do I need to become a (better) network security personnel 

Becoming a network security personnel or a better one is a worthy cause aside the financial gain attached to it. As a network security personnel you play a crucial role in the information technology community, your company as your role includes but not limited to configuring firewalls, encryption, updating of patches and applying patching, updating software, VPN, security against cyberattacks on servers, creating recovery strategies In case of any unfortunate attack, etc. The criticality of your office as an information network security officer makes you extremely important to any organization. 

Let’s go-to resources that will help you become better at your job or become network security personnel :


Coursera is an online learning platform where you can find both paid and unpaid certification courses on information security , information technology etc.

Cybersecurity Fundamental is a specialization course that is offered by IBM on Coursera. This course will help you to learn the basics, the tools and the foundation of cyber security.

Fundamentals of Computer Network Security: This is a specialization course offered by University of Colorado. Design and Analysis of Secure Networked Systems, Developing Secure Programs with Basic Cryptography and Crypto API, Hacking and Patching of Web Applications, Perform Penetration Testing, and Secure Networked Systems with Firewall and IDS are some of the topics covered in this course.


Udemy, just like Coursera, is an online market for education purposes. On Udemy you can find courses like :

Complete Cyber Security

This is a course that contains several practical security practices that will help you in your journey into the network security aspect of information technology.

Computer Network Security – Scratch to Advanced

This course keeps participants fully aware of the wired and wireless computer networks basics, devices, and protocols in a step-by-step pace. Participants will also reach the professional level in network security in terms of concepts, technologies, and tools.


Asides from Harvard, MIT, NYU eDX provides online courses for over 120 universities and you can find a lot of network security-related courses.

Network Security

This course is offered by Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). In this course, participants are exposed to the process of network security including intrusion detection, evidence collection, network auditing, and contingency planning against attacks.

Network Security – Protocols

This course is offered by New York University (NYU). In this course, participants are exposed to the fundamentals of network security, including cryptographic algorithms used in networking protocols, TLS/SSL, IPSec Layer 2 Security, and Wireless Security.

Cisco Blogs

For those that love reading blogs, CISCO has plenty of security articles to offer. A large number of influencers and security experts share their knowledge on the blog so you can keep your knowledge up-to-date. For content on networking click here. For content on security, click here


Cybrary is an E- training and E- career development portal for Cybersecurity professionals. 

You can start with these two courses

Cyber Network Security – understanding the core knowledge, important network applications, network design, protection components, firewall, etc.

Test Network Security using Metasploit – In this course, participants will gain hands-on experience using Metasploit to test the security of your network. Lab activities include: discovering targets by using Metasploit and using Metasploit to exploit a target through a UNC link..

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